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Viability Analysis - Restructuring & Turnaround Strategy

Sustaining a Profitable Business


• What’s our current viability prognosis?
• How do we turnaround a critical financial situation?
• How do we craft a long-term sustainable plan?


Entrepreneurial passion, energy, and creativity are vital when building a business, but it is not nearly enough. A business needs to be built on a strong foundation of strategic and financial planning. The primary reason that small businesses fail is due to “inexperienced business owners”. According to an Industry Canada study, “Managers of bankrupt firms do not have the experience, knowledge, or vision to run their businesses." 

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According to Innovation, Science & Economic Development Canada statistics, 4% of small businesses fail in the first year, 15% fail in the second year, and 30% fail by the fifth year.


Due to poor foundation in planning, businesses could enter a critical phase where they could enter bankruptcy. To turnaround this crisis, we work through three phases: 

  1. Emergency phase: we stop the ‘bleeding’ by stopping all expenses being made.

  2. Stabilization: our #1 priority for the first 100 days is to focus on survival. We quickly develop short-term tactics for positive cash flow.

  3. Transformation: once stabilized, we focus on longevity planning. We look at your finances, operations, distribution, and marketing.


At RKH, we understand the challenges that come with running your business. Equipped with over 20 years’ business advisory experience, we provide our expertise and guidance to grow your business.

Rob Hall, CEO and founder of RKH Restructuring and Business Advisory Services

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