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At RKH, we provide strategies that transform your business for growth. Our impact could be understood by looking at the product/service life cycle.

Products and services typically progress through four stages: introduction, growth, maturity, and decline.

Introduction: Upon entering the market, the sales and profits are low due to high costs that were invested into labour and materials.

Growth: Profits are starting to increase as sales increase and costs decrease. Cash flow improves as demand improves.

Maturity: Sales have peaked and remain constant. Profit increases as costs decrease. 

Decline: Sales and profits begin to decrease as costs remain constant. 

RKH Recalibration: A solution we have developed to help companies out of the decline phase. We work to increase sales and profit while minimizing costs.

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The Product/Service Life Cycle

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RKH Transformation Services

These services utilize a mix of assessment, market analysis, financial review, and operations review to position your business for growth.


RKH Turnaround Services

Whether you have been in business for 10 months or for 10 years, market shifts have affected businesses of all types. We have worked with clients who have been in critical phases of their business. With AI-assisted technology, we use RKH Recalibration Framework to put you back to a being a profitable business.

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Our Consulting Services

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Corporate and Business Strategy

RKH helps companies recalibrate their strategies to be more successful. Through AI assisted business situation analysis, RKH quickly analyzes market, company and competitors trends.

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Operations CoE
(Centre of Excellence)
Analysis and Design

Design operations to contribute to operational profit by aligning practices with the corporate strategy at the best quality and cost point.

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Viability Analysis - 
Restructuring & Turnaround Strategy

Creating strategies to eliminate cash flow and liquidity issues that threaten businesses viability.

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