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• What is the best way to grow my business?
• How do I generate sustainable profits?
• What are industry trends I need to know about?

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Globalization, innovation and shifting consumer demands means that the velocity of business change seen today is unprecedented. These tectonic shifts create both business threats and opportunities. The ability to capitalize on the opportunities while protecting against the threats requires the following:

1) Speed: Too many businesses take too long to make important decisions. Speed is extremely important when adapting to external pressures. We have frameworks and tools in place to quickly assess your business and determine the best step forward.

2) Quality: We often see businesses sacrifice quality for speed. We have the capabilities to deliver both speed and quality. We adopt an outside-in view to analyze your financial and operational status, along with understanding the market. We also developed analytical models to identify the KPIs that truly matter to your business.

3) Flexibility: With an outside-in view, we can readily adapt to changing markets. Even if a new competitor enters your industry, we will help you build agility to respond to change.

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An outside-in view is an approach that is customer-oriented. It requires a business to consider customer experience and creating value for customers. While an inside-out view is an approach looking at the strengths and capabilities of a business as a means to drive business.

KPI is short for Key Performance Indicator. These are measurable values that are used to evaluate the success of an activity or a business. For example, the sales made in a month would be a way to evaluate how your business is performing.

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RKH’s Recalibration Framework helps you understand the nature of client and market dynamics and helps you move from a perspective based on conventional thinking to a new perspective based on company and market trends.

With the increased buzz of innovation, many companies are falling into the trap of demanding innovation without understanding why they are doing so in the first place. We look beyond the buzz and help companies understand the why. With an outside-in view, we help businesses align their business strategy to future intent of customers. We focus on new growth through many different channels and on how to spend the right amount of money in the right areas.

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At RKH, we understand the challenges that come with running your business. Equipped with over 20 years’ business advisory experience, we provide our expertise and guidance to grow your business.

Rob Hall, CEO and founder of RKH Restructuring and Business Advisory Services

Contact Rob for a no-obligation initial consultation

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