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Client Success Stories

I am pleased to inform you that my start-up has secured an investment from a VC. Second of all, I want to say thank you for all the support that the team has provided to me. I am sure that without this support and the close coaching of Robert I was not able to manage my start-up!

Rob has provided quality service with his financial and operational expertise and insights. We have grown our revenue 30% and our profitability in 4 fold in the past year.

My collaboration with Rob has helped to refine my business plan, strategies, and go-to-market approach in ways that I wouldn't have achieved on my own.

Rob's competitive analysis provided fantastic insights to the strategies of our peers, and insights of what the Market Analysts are focusing on to set target stock prices. His stock value drivers model was eye opening of the non-financials that drive company value.

Rob's analysis was so thorough that it gave me the confidence to proceed with the choice we landed on! Rob analyzed our financials and operating model to help us develop a strategy to continue to grow our market share. He took the time to understand our business and industry and developed three options for us to consider. In the end we were able to pick a low risk model that separated sales from fulfillment to position us for double digit growth with a minimal cost increase.

Rob provided great guidance for us on developing a set of financial reports for our AGM. Based on the structure and content of the reports the board approved them without hesitation.

[CEO] has read your value proposition and he speaks highly of it. This value proposition really really understands our products, platforms and value-added services.

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