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Driven to improve performance

How an automotive retailer OEM increased sales and growth

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For small and medium businesses, growth just for the sake of it is meaningless if the risk is too high and the economic rewards aren’t realized. Reaping the rewards while protecting against downside risk is the only way to approach any business transformation. For this change, you need data, strategies and disciplined execution. Realizing that standing still was an eventual death knell and wanting a smart path forward, this automotive OEM (original equipment manufacturer) retailer hired RKH to help them realize these goals.

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"If we’re not growing,
we’re falling behind"

- CEO, Automotive OEM Retailer

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Driving more sales by doing less

In a battle for local OEM market share, the client knew that competition was tough. They knew that being quick to respond to their customer’s needs was how the game of business is won. The client examined its sales trajectory and how the competition was approaching the market. They decided to review their operating model: “We were thinking about how we could increase sales and create more value” says the CEO of the company. “Separating our company’s sales from fulfilment seemed like a good idea and having two independent operating functions made both efficiency and financial sense”.

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RKH Services Employed

RKH helps companies recalibrate their strategies to be more successful. Through AI assisted business situation analysis, RKH quickly analyzes market, company and competitors trends.

Creating strategies to eliminate cash flow and liquidity issues that threaten businesses viability.

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“RKH's analysis was so thorough that it gave me the confidence to proceed with their solution"

- CEO, Automotive OEM Retailer

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Achieving growth through separation of sales and fulfillment

The CEO knew that to truly grow and satisfy its customers, they needed to access more sales time from their account representatives and move more quickly.  However, with both sales and fulfillment coming from account representatives, there was a disproportionate amount of time spent ‘stocking’ vs ‘selling’. This operating model delayed the account representative and reduced the number of customers that could be serviced in a single day. Our client needed to separate sales from fulfillment while ensuring a warm handoff between the two groups. This was important to maintain continuity of service so both our client and their customers could realize the mutual benefits of faster service.

When considering a change in the operating model, our client wanted full transparency of their options. They wanted to know the upside potential and the downside risk. RKH prepared models to address each area and they gained confidence when they saw our level of analysis. As a result, they understood the risks and rewards so they could proceed with, as they described a ‘peace of mind’.

Today, our client’s results are considerably different. They are achieving greater sales through improved focus, improved inventory efficiency insights, and improved customer service.

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Transformation Results

Increased growth rate

Increased sales capacity

Improved inventory efficiency

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At RKH, we understand the challenges that come with running your business. Equipped with over 20 years’ business advisory experience, we provide our expertise and guidance to grow your business.

Rob Hall, CEO and founder of RKH Consulting

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