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Rob, a Certified Turnaround Analyst, has 20 years’ business advisory experience, including working at a boutique hedge fund and as an investor relations specialist at a public company. Rob's experience includes having participated in strategy and financial pitch meetings with over 100 CEO’s and CFO’s from small- and medium-size public companies, as well as engagement with analysts from several industrial sectors. He has gained expertise on industry strategies that create value and the necessary stakeholder communications that bring everyone to the table. 

Rob has an MBA, completed his Chartered Investment Manager designation, and has several operational and financial certifications including Boardroom Financial Essentials and Board Oversight of Strategy. His education and decades of on-the-ground experience resulted in a balanced approach that has contributed to his success, and the success of his clients. He helped his clients monetize start-ups, successfully complete turnarounds, transform companies, and create owner exit events. In addition to local clients, Rob has successfully worked with start-ups and established offshore businesses looking to monetize their ideas and gain traction outside their current domain in China, India, Africa and Iran.

Rob launched his own business after having been an “active participant” in an outsourcing engagement that provided first-hand insights into executive decision-making in the pursuit of creating shareholder value. The strategic nature of this engagement lit the entrepreneurial fire that drives him to find business value for his clients.

Rob’s vision is that RKH becomes renowned as the leading small- and medium-size business advisory company that creates first-rate strategies for businesses to become more successful. He leads a team of skilled associates providing unique and forward-thinking solutions that propel his clients past their competition by creating tie-breaking, actionable insights.

Rob has always had a natural curiosity and interest in entrepreneurial thinking. He passionately reads about business successes and failures and has researched 100’s of cases studies to expand his strategic arsenal. Like a mystery novel, he analyzes the clues of a company until a successful outcome can be determined. It is within this framework that he founded RKH Business Advisory Services and created the RKH Recalibration Framework.

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